Tips to help you control and prevent weeds on your lawn or alley, prevent or get rid of insects in your home, and finally control and keep away rats and mice. 

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Fruit flies can appear in your home overnight. It is important to know this insect to be able to get rid of it.
The brown marmorated stink bug made its appearance in Canada a few years ago and has kept gaining ground since then. It mostly attacks fruit trees and vegetable crops.
You can get rid of a wasp nest with the right insecticide and the following tips.
For a few years now, Lyme disease has been affecting more and more Canadians. This disease is transmitted by the bite of ticks infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It is essential to take prevention measures to protect yourself and your family.
Ants are important in the garden as they can drive out the predators that damage your plants.
Here are a few tips to spot bed bugs and how to keep them from travelling with you.